It all started when…

W. L. Logan, Sr. graduated from Lincoln High School in Canton, OH and went immediately into the service with the Merchant Marine. He spent two years on a troop ship sailing back and forth to Europe and England. Upon his discharge, Logan took a job at Republic Steel Berger Division as an apprentice electrician. After working there for several years, he realized that he was either going to be laid off or on strike most of the time, so he thought it was time for a change.

He decided to try trucking. Logan's father mortgaged the family home to finance the first outfit. With a new 1948 Reo, a used dump trailer, and his own coal account at the Chase Bag Company in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Logan realized that trucking was to be his career.

He was called up to serve his country for a second time and after returning home from his tour of duty in the Korean conflict, he married in 1953. Logan's wife was his most successful business partner. Together, they acquired more and more business, and more trucks and trailers over the years. In 1968, when the coal business in Ohio took a drastic down-turn because of high sulfur content, Logan purchased an Ohio Interstate Certificate. This turned out  to be one of the best decisions he ever made.

Logan's two sons joined the company after each graduated from college. William Logan Jr. joined in 1975, and Robert Logan arrived in 1976. With good educations and strong family support, they hit the ground running and the company has been growing ever since.

Will Logan Jr as a child with original Logan truck outside first garage.

Will Logan Jr as a child with original Logan truck outside first garage.

Mr. William (Bill) Logan, wife Betty Jane, and son Robert have since passed away. Family ownership continued under Will L. Logan, wife Maxine, and son William L. III. A strong support staff with over 100 years combined trucking knowledge and experience will help make you a successful truck driver. The staff is very truck-driver friendly, realizing that drivers are our most important asset.

Logan Trucking now has over 180 trucks and trailers, and employes over 200 people, including some of the best truck drivers on the road! At the present, the company covers a 500 mile radius of Canton, Ohio, but as the past shows... we never know where it will go from here!